Routine Cleaning Service

We clean apartments, townhomes, single-family, and condos.

Bi-Weekly & Monthly Cleaning


Having a clean house is a huge benefit to you and your family. Cleanliness causes you to feel healthier and more energetic, which will follow you through your day. Additionally, a clean house will make you feel more comfortable in your home and you will feel more pride in it.

Breathe a little easier with our routine cleaning  that is good for your health and hygiene.

Why hire a cleaning service?

Cleaning your house can be a hassle, especially when you have a busy schedule. And some of us are simply procrastinators who like to postpone chores. We can’t focus on daily meals or having friends over when we have a pile of laundry or a dirty floor staring at us in the face.

A professional house cleaning service can address these problems and more for you. You don’t need to lift a finger to clean your house. You can focus on other important things in your life.

What's included in our house cleaning?

Enjoy a cleaner and fresher living space more often with our cleaning services. From one-time deep cleaning to spring cleaning, we have you covered.


Top to bottom, room-by-room


Interior streak-free shine and dust-free sills

Vacuum & Mop

Floors, carpets and rugs are dirt-free


Always swept or wiped clean


Air vents, furniture, baseboards, shelves

Kitchen Appliances

Exterior cleaned and polished


Tubs, showers, vanities, and toilets sanitized


Blinds, ceiling fans, air vents, and make the bed

Living/Other Rooms

Dust, wipe, and sanitize

** If you have numerous knick knacks, photo frames, or other valuable items, they must be removed prior to service.

Add-On Services

When you need more than the average cleaning, these services are available for an additional fee.

Oven Cleaning

Blinds Washed

Refrigerator Cleaning

Dishwasher Interior

Exterior Windows